Book Scanning Services

We do scan all your hard copies (printed books) and provide you the same in the converted electronic file format - as Word or PDF file.

Digitization – a boon for the fast-paced society

book scanning servicesThe digitization technology is of course a boon for the population of today’s fast-paced electronic world. Computers as well as other electronic items has become inevitable for everybody, and people cannot imagine a life on earth without these, as the role played by the electronic technology is vital to move ahead with ease.

We, at eBook Enhancers, do offer perfect book scanning services too. When all manually performed processes are made through electronic devices and tools, printed books are getting replaced with electronic versions called eBooks, for great many advantages such as easy to store and handle, safe enough without fear of getting damaged (as many back-up copies can be taken from the original and stored), easy to carry, easily accessible, and so on. Furthermore, reducing paper usage is beneficial in many ways including protecting the environment.

Make your ‘hard’ copies ‘soft’

Do you want to have all your hard copy books in electronic format?  We can do a great job with all these.  Just submit the same to us.  We can turn your hard copy pages into editable electronic pages, in no time.

Get your Printed Books converted into Electronic Books

Do you want your printed books to be converted and published as eBooks?  Get those books to us – we will turn them into perfect eBooks.  May your option of eBook format be Kindle or ePub – we can handle both these formats very well with our hands-on experience in the conversion processes.

Manual Intervention in Electronic processes

We are an organization, whose aim is to offer perfect solutions through our service, and it is for this purpose, we have manual intervention in all of our processes.  We have a unique OCR process involved, to have the scanned pages converted into word or pdf file format.  Apart from scanning, we do also carryout proofing of the content, if sought by the client, which will also be done manually to ensure accuracy.

We do involve manual processes for conversion of Kindle as well as ePub files in order to retain originality of contents, images, tables, etc., and also to ensure delivering the output error-free by carrying out double in-house proof-checking by our professional team of Quality Controllers.

Perfect output at an affordable price

Any kind of books or documents could be efficiently scanned and converted into perfect electronic copies by our well-experienced and dedicated team of experts in a professional manner.

We offer the scanning service for a reasonable price and the charges for proof-reading service will be extra.

Get answers for your queries on our service at our FAQ page or do not hesitate to contact us through email.

Get your e-book delivered within 48 to 72 hours at no extra cost.
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