Quality Standards

See how we make quality outputs of your manuscripts – as a perfect eBook.

Quality approvedEbook Enhancers have proved themselves to be a best recognized service provider of eBook file format, with a good number of prestigious clients in hand, with hands on experience over the past five years, through a number of diverse kinds of projects.

Authors as well as Publishers keep on seeking our service regularly to enjoy a trouble-free service.  We, offer also apt solutions to issues related to eBook development, thus enabling creation of eBooks with outstanding quality. However, we adhere to the standards meant for the eBooks.

We could work exceptionally on any type of books with special characters, complex tables, and figures. We take every challenge and always bring out the best.

We would like to frankly put forth the practical facts of the processes involved, with which you may help us to serve you better.

1. Extraction of Manuscript Text: We could convert any file format into the required eBook formats.  However, attaining the accuracy of the content is not so easy with all file formats.  For example, when the manuscript is provided in PDF file format, the same has to be extracted through OCR process. When most of the conversion service vendors carry out this task using automated process, we do have self-developed unique OCR process, which involves human interaction in order to ensure accuracy of content, which is not possible with automated OCR process. Anyways, as per our suggestion, Word or In-design file formats are best choices for submission of manuscripts than a PDF, which also need to be presented with the idea that the same is to be developed into an eBook, for best results.

2. Manual Process: We ensure 100% accuracy and quality of the final files as we involve manual process in every step involved in the conversion of the file and do not involve any automated process.

3.  Validation of Final files: We do validate each and every final eBook file with the software meant for validating against the industry standard apart from validating the file internally.  Thus, we ensure that the file will be accepted by all retailers. We strictly adhere to the IDPF standards for ePub formats, and the standards meant for Kindle, for the Amazon Kindle eBook formats.

4. Reviewing of the Codings: The file codes are reviewed thoroughly to confirm conformity of the codes with the industry standards as well as our internal standards.

5. Testing of the Final Files: Once the conformity of the codes with the required standards are checked and confirmed, the files are ready to be uploaded. Yet, we pass these final files to be tested in certain devices to confirm that the eBook is readable without any difficulty, proving that the same has been prepared flawless.

6. Revisions: Despite all our efforts as well as the authors’ ‘missing’ may occur, though rare. In such cases, missed out items at our end will be updated in the final files free of cost and for those from the authors’ side, we would charge, as least as possible.

Get your e-book delivered within 48 to 72 hours at no extra cost.
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