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How to Market Your eBook Successfully?

Quality is an important thing to be focused on, to become successful in marketing any product. In case of publishing an eBook, again, it is quality that needs to be taken utmost care of on every aspect – theme, content,…

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7 Common mistakes in writing and publishing eBooks

7 Common mistakes in writing and publishing eBooks

Mistakes are inevitable among human. To err is human and to forgive is divine. But, mistakes in your product (whatever it is) will not be forgiven by the prospective customers. In the case of a book, be it in printed…

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Kindle Previewer

How to Read Kindle eBooks on PC

Reading a Kindle eBook on a PC (Personal Computer) is possible even without owning a Kindle. Amazon offers free {Kindle Reader Apps – Access Kindle ebooks, of course, without a Kindle device!} to also enable all those who do not…

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how to sell more copies of ebooks

How to sell more copies of eBooks?

Writing is an art and presenting your writing work as a book is something amazing, indeed. People develop a flair for writing, after being inspired by someone’s (even more than one person) writings, or with personal interest to write stories…

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amazon best seller tips

Become Amazon’s Bestseller: Tips to get your eBook Placed Atop on Amazon’s eBook Store

Are you a person with writing skills together with great many ideas on the different subjects, wanting to have them presented through a book to reach people (the target audience) and make indeed a positive impact that you had intended?…

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Amazon kindle ebook publishing guide

How to publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle Store

Publishing an eBook through Amazon’s Kindle Store, which is the number one publishing platform for digital books / eBooks, is indeed a privilege for self-publishers to get known to millions of readers across the world. Amazon Kindle Store, the top…

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Amazon kindle store

Top 5 leading eBook Stores to sell your books online for best lucrative returns

Do you want to have your written work to be published as an eBook and sold through the online market? It is an easy job as there are many self-publishing platforms available online to let you publish and market your…

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epub3 ebook

How good is EPUB 3 – Is it the best choice of format for eBook?

EPUB 3 is the recent / current version of the most acceptable eBook file format, the ePUB that has been approved by the IDPF membership as the ultimate ‘Recommended Specification’ which comprises of four sets namely: EPUB Publications 3.0, EPUB…

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