7 Common mistakes in writing and publishing eBooks

July 12, 2014

7 Common mistakes in writing and publishing eBooks
Mistakes are inevitable among human. To err is human and to forgive is divine. But, mistakes in your product (whatever it is) will not be forgiven by the prospective customers. In the case of a book, be it in printed or digital form, it needs to be totally error-free. A book with errors will gain a bad impression and readers, when they spot any kind of errors, grammatical or spelling or even wrong sentence framing or so, they will give up continuing with the book and even totally avoid books from that particular author. So, everything will be lost! Ideas, only when put correctly, using correct words and sentence framing, without any typo or grammatical errors, will be approved by the readers. Otherwise, you cannot continue writing any longer. There are also other common mistakes that will make your eBook left behind or go unnoticed. Please go through those that are listed below and avoid them to become successful in writing and publishing your eBooks:

1. Selecting a boring or very common theme / subject

You may intend to write on any subject to get it published as an eBook. However, there may be many books already available on common subjects. Uniqueness should be aimed at always to succeed. Choose a subject to write for the subject’s sake and do not choose a subject to write for writing’s sake. However, your writing should be flawless, produced in an exceptional manner and up to the point, without repetitions, that is, without having the information said in different ways. Choose a good theme or subject that is of public’s interest.   It could be a unique but indeed a useful subject, addressing the needs of a particular target audience.

2. Writing Long Books

Do not intend to write long books, as these are not user-friendly to be read in any kind of digital devices. Long non-fictions will make the reader feel bored, who may tend to opt for another eBook on that particular subject. In case it is required to give more information, divide the content and have the same published as the next book of the series, of course with a different topic, instead of giving everything in one book. This way, you will have more books to publish and obviously earn more too.

3. High Pricing

Do not price your book at a higher rate. Your first book should be given almost for free as readers may not be ready to buy books of a new author. However, when you give your book for free for a limited period, readers may opt to access the same. After the free period, you can give the book for a very low rate, for a certain period. There is possibility for more readers to throng over your eBook to buy it for such a low price, before the offer closes. Once impressed with your work, these readers will keep looking for your books.

4. Lengthy sentences and complex words

Avoid having very long sentences and usage of knotty words. Have the sentences as crisp as possible.

5. Unattractive Cover Image

Even a good book would become unnoticed due to lack of an attractive cover image. Cover image is the book at the first sight and so, it needs to be elegant, to catch the eyes of the readers. Do not hesitate to get your cover page designed exceptionally unique, to cause the reader to spot it amidst other books and get tempted to look into it.

6. Uninteresting Title

The book title is what a reader would look for. A title that is not so relevant to the subject will not be noticed by the readers. The title should have the subject keyword as the name and an explanatory phrase should be given as a sub-title to say what is contained in the book.

7. Publish without marketing efforts

You cannot just upload your eBook and sit waiting to receive your royalties. As the owner of the book and being a self-publisher, it is your responsibility to take all possible efforts to market your book. Though the publishing platforms do the marketing of your book, it is you, who should promote your book, draw the attention of readers towards your book by some way or the other, doing anything that could bring forth fruits.

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