Our Process

Get to know what we do with your input file to make it a perfect output.

With the advent of eBooks, the number of writers entering into the publishing world is growing day by day. Everybody wants to write, kindled by the various options offered on the internet, allowing people to publish their works in ‘Blog Spots’ that are available for free as well as paid (official), and the most of all, the easy self-publishing options provided by well-known, world famous publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook store, Google eBook Store, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and Kobo Books.

Emerging authors, who want to self-publish their books may not be well aware of the complete eBook publishing process as well as, those passionate writers could not spend time in preparing their eBooks in the required format aptly, to be published and reach out to the millions and millions of readers across the world.

We are here to help those authors / publishers to get perfect output of the manuscript of their work, in the desirable and acceptable, user-friendly eBook format.  While they can fully focus on the content part of their book, we are out there to receive their valuable content in any format – be it a hardcopy or scanned copy, word file, or any other format of their choice and to get it converted to the popular eBook formats that could be read in any mode of devices ranging from computers to tablets.

We offer outstanding eBook conversion services involving our dedicated team of experts in ‘totally manual process’ to ensure perfect readability of the book in any device without any deviation of the content, especially certain special characters, tables, and pictures from its originality.

Authors / publishers can rely on us for excellent content conversion services accompanied by best project management coordination that enables tracking of projects and easy communication to provide information up to date on the project.

What is to be done by you?

  • Just submit your manuscript in the available format using quote form.
  • Ensure that you submit thoroughly edited manuscript – an end document, which is totally free from grammatical or spelling or any other kind of errors, in order to avoid re-work at a later stage, causing unnecessary delay, which costs extra, too.
  • Provide us with your expectations – on the design, type of font to be used, the style to be followed, and so on.
  • Listen to our suggestions to make your book even better, and choose the suggestions that is acceptable to you.

What we will do?

  • Give you a quotation on the processes involved including the pricing.
  • Process the file as desired by you; once you approve our quotation and make the payment, thus confirming us to proceed with the process.
  • We work on the files and submit them to you for a final review.
  • Incorporate the changes you have made to the revisions, if any, and provide you the final files.
  • Design your cover page too, as per your specifications.

Our suggested file formats:

Though we could process any file formats, to make the process easier and time saving, we would suggest authors to submit in the readily available Word or PDF formats.  Yet, we could also process printed books (hard copies) as well as other file formats like InDesign or Quark files.

For any other technical information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Get your e-book delivered within 48 to 72 hours at no extra cost.
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