How to sell more copies of eBooks?

June 12, 2014

Writing is an art and presenting your writing work as a book is something amazing, indeed. People develop a flair for writing, after being inspired by someone’s (even more than one person) writings, or with personal interest to write stories or on life’s realities, or with the intention to make use of their writing skill to become a professional writer and make good revenue. However, all writers prefer to get their work reached to maximum readers possible with the intention of becoming a successful writer and to be recognized as a uniquely famous author.

Focus on the Quality of Writing

Winning the hearts of readers should be the aim of every author, who wishes to publish their books for sales. Focus should be on the quality, putting in a lot of efforts on the content and the way of presentation. If it is a fiction, the book needs to be interesting depending on the target readers. For example, if it is meant for children, the story should be written in simple language but presented with colorful pictures and in a very interesting manner. If it is a non-fiction, it should contain a lot of useful information, which needs to be fact and not fake. Moreover, you should tend to give more information, that too in an interesting way of presentation, making the reader to feel contented with the information provided. For example, if your book is about natural remedies for a particular physical problem like aging, baldness or so on, you are required to give an introduction about the subject – all information pertaining to the problem – the types, the causes, the symptoms, the dos and donots involved and ultimately the remedies, which should be easier as well as effective and it would be far better to give proven remedies. The person or reader who wants to put an end to his baldness problem will be happy to get relevant information about his / her problem together with right solutions.

How to make it – increase sales?

If you write books to be sold – that is, for selling purpose, then you should follow the below tips to successfully reach out to the readers and draw their attention towards your book:

  • The book should be well written – uniqueness of writing leaves you with more chances of moving forward well. Attention should be paid to say things in a catchy manner. Meanwhile, it is important to keep away from blabbering. Otherwise, readers would feel bored soon and give up the idea to continue reading, and will not turn out to pick any other book of yours. There are great opportunities for an interesting fiction and a highly informative non-fiction to be opted by a great number of readers, book-lovers, who keep looking for interesting / informative books.
  • Get your book thoroughly edited – ensuring it to be free from spelling or grammatical errors as these may cause you to cut a sorry figure among the readers.
  • Format the book using catchy fonts and layouts, relevant pictures, tables and so on, to make the reader to get a good impression about your book at the first look, thereby kindled to read the book.
  • Use a uniquely attractive cover page with a uniquely framed title, which portrays the content of the book.
  • Draw people’s attention in all possible ways – through advertising.
  • Advertise your cover page with the announcement as, ‘getting released shortly…’
  • Issue free sample chapters together with the cover page so that the readers might get impressed about the way of presentation of the content in the sample chapter and thus get interested to read the whole book.
  • Reviews are best advertisements, which a reader will look for. So, try to get genuine reviews from well-known or experienced reviewers.
  • Give free copy of your first book to your friends and request them to circulate to as many people as possible, who could also be requested to circulate to more people.   This way, there are possibilities for your book to reach the right hands.
  • Meet relevant people – those people for whom the book is meant for and brief them about the usefulness of your book and issue them a free sample copy. If it is going to be useful for students of a particular department, the Head of the Department may be met and provided with a free copy of the book, so that he / she could go through the same and prefer to buy extra copies, if the book is found to be satisfactory.

Ultimately, keep trying with patience applying changes as may be required, to make the book perfect in every respect, as good books are always sought after.

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