Fixed Layout eBook

We are specialized in preparing eBooks with fixed layout like children’s books, cookery books and company reports.

What is exactly Fixed Layout eBooks?

Fixed Layout eBookFixed layout eBooks is a format that does not allow text to re-flow when viewed in the eReader devices, and that lets the reader to change the font as well as text size to the desirable level. This format is useful for books with lots of images like children’s books and cookery books. Other than these two, books like Travel guides, Restaurant guides, Business guides, Text books / learning materials as well as company reports and annual reviews are those that requires fixed file format. Thus, fixed layout enables retaining originality of the content, with regard to appearance.

This is a format that is applicable for texts in multi-columns and illustrations as well as photographs. It is useful in having the ratios of the text or image sizes unchanged and to retain the original colors of the images as well as text.

The Fixed eBook file formats include: ePUB 3, KF8 and PagePerfect PDF meant for Apple, Google and Kobo, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble respectively.

The ePUB 3 file format

eBooks in this ‘ePUB3’  file format could be read in a great number of e-Reader devices and could be included in the eBook stores of Apple iBook Store, Google store, Kobo as well as their partners.  However, the Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK does not support this ePUB 3.

ePUB 3 devices such as iPhone, iPad, Google Nexus, Kobo Arc and so on, that are best compatible, lets the readers to view the eBook as single or two-pages along with an active page turn option.  ePUB 3 files could be enlarged and viewed in majority of the devices.

The KF8 file format

The KF8 file format offered by Amazon works on many of Amazon Kindle devices like Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle Paper White as well as majority of the Kindle apps.  KF8 fixed-layout is much helping in those Kindle devices that are with comparatively small screen, wherein only a limited quantity of the content could be viewed at a time.  The ‘region magnification’ feature that is meant for devices without touchscreen zooming option, enables the readers to enlarge a particular region of the content by double-tapping on the screen – in the specific areas.  However, this feature does not suit all other content layouts.

The PagePerfect file format

The PagePerfect, which is based on the PDF file format that is compatible with Barnes & Noble’s NOOK tablets as well as Color devices, can be viewed as single or double-pages.  Parts of the page can be enlarged by the reader using touchzoom.

Fonts admissible for Fixed-Layout eBook formats

Only certain licensed fonts are admissible to be used within e-Books in fixed-layout format.  ‘Font Squirrel’, helps to find authorized fonts that could be used for distribution within eBooks.

Whether adding of Audio / Video files allowed within Fixed-Layout eBooks?

Audio or video files can be embedded within eBooks in ePUB 3 fixed-layout format.  However, it is required to ensure that the size of the audio and video files is permitted by the retailers. Apart from audio / video files, ePUB3 files can also have read-aloud narrations together with words highlighted on screen, when read out. Though it is possible to include audio / video files within the KF8 file format meant for Amazon, the same could not be uploaded through Amazon KDP System, which does not allow adding of audio / video within the file, currently.

Retailers who support Fixed Layout file format

This format is supported by the well-known e-Book stores like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo, while these retailers excepting Kobo, have their own procedure developed uniquely to create fixed layout eBooks.

Why to choose eBook Enhancers to have your manuscript get fit in the Fixed-Layout file format

EBook Enhancers is focused on quality always and to ensure quality, it applies MANUAL processes instead of ‘automated’ processes that often fail to retain the originality of the contents.  The service offered in providing your manuscripts in Fixed-Layout file format is carried out with manual efforts as well, out of any input file formats mentioned above (like pdf, doc, xml, html, mobi, etc.), ensuring complete satisfaction for the client in terms of quality as well as rate, apart from providing timely delivery.

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